information about the company


ERTEC Co. for importing and manufacturing in the field of watches, hand, toys and the first companies that have entered the field of manufacturing in wall clocks in Egypt and known for the right price and high quality


We also import products such as wristwatches and toys from a large period and are important in this field as we expand the construction of a large factory for the manufacture of wall clocks and hand as we have offices in the stacks, which is the market center in the trade


Watches and hand clocks. The company also distributes in this field to wholesalers for a large period. The company was established from the year 2009, ie, it is in the market from 10 years ago and before that it was a company with another name and the name was changed to artek


We are now manufacturing wall clocks and soon we will be exporting to all Arab countries as a first step and then to European countries and from the company's future plans


We are also pleased to increase every day with new customers, which is proof that we have high quality and excellent price in our products and thank all our customers for their trust


Artek watches for wall clocks, wrist watches and toys